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had a maddd funn night

well first i went to the hosipital with my mom to visit my grandpa, hes doing really good now.
then we came gome for like a min, to get my dad and we went to Micheals!
then we went to pick up jon and we went to the play. when we got there we had to wait for justin and marcy
to get there and we got our tickets then we found our seats. then chuck n mark came and sat in front of us, and casandra and some grl came and sat next to justin [who was next to me] then elliot came, and ashley mallory and renee. we kinda ran out of seats so ashley scuished in with elliot n jon. the play was good.Chuck n Mark brought 2 bags of gummie bears, 6 cans of pop and a bag of beaf jerky. haha and these 2 teachers in front were flirting with chuck n mark , quite funny. Then at half time we all went out in the lobby and stood around. saw the fucking hypocrite, but whatever.

After the play we talked with jerica abit, then fooled around outside, mostly chuck jon n marck stealing mine n marcy's purses. Then Jonny's dad came to pick us up and dropped Me, Marcy, Jon, Chuck, Elliot and mark off at my house. and my parents took us bowling at rapids. madd crazzyyy. we all sucked like woah.lol cept for jon of course who lied and said he hasent been bowling in ever and goes and gets strikes all the time. chuck was acting like an idiot and got guters the whole time, but it was funny. Then Marcy mom came and picked up her n elliot. and we played 2 more games. then mark chuck n jon were planning on walking all the way to chucks house downtown, so my parents drove them home. lol

i wish chelsea coulda came =[

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I Hate when someone tells me i have no fucking right to say their name at all! and have their name come out of my mouth, then THEY GO and talk shit about me alllll the time, sorry i dont fucking care you talk shit about me im going to talk shit about you, fucking deal with it, what you going to do?

hes all like i dont have a problem with you i would like us to be friends n shit but it would be to akward and not the same, then you go fucking talking shit about me alll the time and that you fucking hate my guts. wow
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Guys are fucking assholes!

they get all pissed at you cause you werent able to hang out with them, because your out with your parents, and it was longer then planned, well sorry for not being able to drive yet, and not telling them to leave so you can get grounded so i cant hang out at all.

errrr. guys are stupid

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i cant believe we already go back to school 2marrow =[ this break went wayyy to fast.

i still have to start my english project =/.

heres how my last week of vacation went.

*Easter Night i went home with my aunt Kathy to sleep over with courtney, so when we got to their house we just talked and looked through yearbooks, then went on the comp. n watched tv.

*Monday- when we woke up we watched the notebook, then we got ready went to my cousins interview for a job real quick [which she got!] then we went to the mall, we walked around and looked at bathing suits, i didnt really see any that i liked. then my aunt drove us to my dads work and he took us home. when we got home like 10 mins later jon n dan were over.
then chelsea came over and we just hung out, we watched club dread. and the girls got abused like usual from jon n dan and i got locked in the closet lol and courtnet kept getting hit with the pillow. then they left around 10 and we just had a girls night, sleepover lol.

*Tuesday- we all went to lasalle to watch the boys skate [matt matt steve n ronnie] and of course we had to go to wilson farms and get pizza lunchables cause they are the shit! lol. then we walked to dans house where the boys wanted to go fishing [jon dan n chuck] so we walked to Lasalle Yacht club, we just sat there n watched them, we were there groupies lol.
They werent catching anything so chelsea said "dont the fish swim south for the winter?" hahahah. she was just a little confused. [haha love you chelse! lol] then we walked back to dans house n chilled we watched The Girl Next Door. it wasent as funny as i thought i was but it was ok. the boys went to play basketball so we left, then we met up with jon n chuck n they came over, we just hung out and played DDR n wut not. then joe came over. We all just hung out then jon n chuck were being idiots, they kept grabbing Courtney and taking her outside and dropping her. lol and they put our jackets on and were running down the street. And Chuck kept like hitting on my mom. then they had to leave so we just chilled with chelse n joe till he had to leave at 8:50. then we had another girls night and watched the grudge.

*Wednsday- Jon, Chuck n Jessie came over, we hung out in my room and played DDR, then Chuck started throwing all my easter candy around my room for everyone to cath and they ATE ALL OF IT! which wasent cool. and then joe came over again, and he took my lotion and skirted it EVERYWHERE alll over me and chelsea, but he also got it all over chucks and his jeans so it was ok lol. then my mom made us hamburgers and frenchfries and sweat potato fries, which they ate alllll of them, i got 2! lol.

*Thursday- nothin really happend just hung around it was the first day i was actually able to just sit around the house and be bored, i actually liked it lol.

*Friday- chelsea and joe came over for like 20 mins. then me and my mom had to go meet my dad and we went out to dinner with my parents friends Dave and Corey and there 2 kids brandon and camri [from the boat]. it was nice to see them again cause i havent seen them in since like2 summers ago. after dinner we just went back to there house till 11.

*Saturday- nothing happend i just hung out till 4:30 then chelsea came to pick me up and we went to her little cousins 8th birthday party at Rainbow Rollerrink. It was fun, Chelsea made me play limbo and i actually was the third left then these 2 little kids one, but i was proud i went so far lol. the one cute worker kept lower the one side when chelsea went under it. Then during the "Friendship skate" that cute worker came and grabbed our hands and was skating with us, i was laughin and he asked why and i said cause chelsea was signing to me and he was like "why dont you sing to me?"[to chelsea] it was funny but we forgot to get his name! oh well were just going to have to go back next week with matt and matt, and then they can teach my how to do the ramps cause i really want to learn! then we went back to chelseas and put the inserts in the paper for her dad then went back to my house and watched the notebook once again so my dad could see it. and them my mom ordered us 3 med. pizzas and we ate alll of them! lol.

well thats my vacation, it went wyy to fast, now we have a whole month before i finally go to New Orleans, it seems sooo far away!. now i have to actually start my English project.

comment <3
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ok well i havent updated in a month
and im extremely bored right now.

So spring break is already half way over! crazy, its going my so fast!
its been funn so far

lately ive been haning out with dan jon alot.
there good influences on me[says my mom] cause they walk EVERYWHERE!
but its good cause i have to get in better shape before New Orleans!!

Saw the Ring 2 last friday! itss good i thought it was scarier then the first but i didnt think the first one was scary at all so yeah lol. it was crazyy who all went , we took up like a row and a half in the middle. Marcy can walk like the girl climbing up the well SCARY! lol.

skip ahead lol

3 days ago marcy came over, so we hung out played the SIMS!, haha marcy remember that one family! lmao! i didnt delete it yet sry lol.

2 days ago
Marcy went to jons house then they came to pick me up and chelse up, but we decided were gunna be fatass and were hungry so we told dan to come to my house n were gunna walk to BK. After we ate we walked to target and waked around. haha the bean bag chairs and the light saver! lmao great time. then dans brother came to pick us up and we all just chilled at his house n watched movies n such,


dan came over to drop off a movie im borrowing, and we decided to go to rinker's house, so we walke there and they wanted to go to wegmans to get job applications, so of course we WALKED there once again lol. i saw jonny workin =] lol. then we walked home. boys are stupid, they just lovvee to throw snowballs at me n jessie! not cool i had mud everywhere! and my pants n socks were soaked! but ne ways then dans brother came to pick us up at rinkers house. Dan made us a feast when we got there lol [hamburgers & hotdogs] lol.
then i came home and joe came over around 7ish and we watched Strangeland. Creepy movie. He had to leave before the last 15 mins. so hes coming back tuesday,


My mom's taking me liz n ryan to the blvd mall =]
cause i have to find some new clothes for easter. then later becky's coming over so we'll prolly go bowling or movies tonight.
i cant believe easter's like in 2 days! crazzyyy. cant wait lotttss of candyy.

so thats my break so far.
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ok well i havent updated in forever and i dont really feel like it now [dan made me] lol

but here are some corny pick up lines but you have to love it..lol

mapex1x1x: was ur daddy a baker
mapex1x1x: cuz baby u got somen nice buns

mapex1x1x: ur the reason i go to school

mapex1x1x: lindsay did i eva tell ur my hero baby

mapex1x1x: lindsay u complete me

mapex1x1x: did i ever tell u how special u make me feel

mapex1x1x: it should be illegal for you to go into the forzen food section
mapex1x1x: cause baby you'll melt all the food

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OK Well this week has been fun

on tuesday we had our math final
it was pretty easy but i dont know if i did good or not lol
After the exam while i was waiting for my mom i talked to Andrea
with all year cause i never see her
Then i just chilled at home pretty boring

On wed marcy and chelsea came over around 1 then my mom drove us to pizza hut for
a limo "meeting". even though im not in the limo i still went lol. I think it was just a reason
to go to pizza hut lol since we only discussed one thing. Wut an excursion is and that there
getting it one hour before the dance and 4 hours after. it was soo much fun though. Everyone who
was there is Chelsea, Jon, Kandice, Becky, Marcy,Brie, Michelle, Bella, Kyle, Me, and Jessie (its
in order to how we were sitting). After pizza hut Chelsea marcy jessie kandice n me walked to my house.
Omg we ran through like 3 feet of snow! it was nott cool. It had to be soo much seeing all of us
running. Chelsea and Kandice made a pit-stop at chelse's house so Kann could go to the bathroom
so they could get the DDR. Then Chelsea's brother drove them to my house. We just played
DDR for ever lol. Marcy had to leave a little after 4. Jon had came over around 6ish so we all went
in my room to attempt to watch a movie. But we looked in the backyard and decided to play in the snow.
Jonny threw like tackled us and threw us all in.After Jessie was thrown in the snow she went inside lol.
BUT we actually got him in too! he didnt like that and went inside. So when we got back in the house
We went in my room, put the movie in, and chelsea made hot- coacoa for everyone (even though i said i didnt want one lol) And after chelsea made jon's who was complaing that he had been asking for one went and got pop. No one really watched the movie (it was a guy flick- Alien vs. Preditar). So most of us were playing ddr and jon was in my room watching the movie, and Jessie went in my room to sleep. lol
Jessie had to leave around 10. Then jonny's mom called and he had to leave at like 10:30. So it was
Me Kann and chelsea. Kandice didnt want to go home so she slept over and so did chelsea. Once again we beat our record for playing DDR! we went from 4 in the afternoon to 1 in the morning! 9 HOURS!! lol. We had went to bed round 1ish but as usaul we have to have "girl talk" lol and we didnt go to bed till like 2:30ish. it was funn even though i got in trouble cause my mom woke up and it was a work night.

When we woke up i made breakfast for everyone. Then we just sat on the comp. n watched tv.
Then round 1 I was talking to Anderson and said he should come over. So then Kandice got in the shower
and Matty came. It was soo funny she had just gotten out and Matt was standing right there. Matt was playing DDR. He is really good it was surprising. He had tried this new song and it was soo fast he fell! it was soooo funny! He gets all into it and actually starts dancing n' stuff. I had put his hoodie on she when he had to left he was like i need my hoodie this is all i have. I was like i dont have your hoodie wtf are you talking about lol. but we gave it back and he left round 2ish. When my mom came home i got her to take us to Burger King because im a fatass and was craving a Whopper. Then we just hung out on the comp. n played DDR. Then chelsea had to leave cause she had to study lol. After chelse left me n Kann went throught he year book with my mom. We learned we are soo deprived of like any white guys let along hot guys lol. Then Kann left around 4ish. After i realized Chelsea left the DDr so i practiced! i got soo much better i had gotten 3 A's and one of the A's had a star!!! so far me n jessie are the only 2 to get that! boo ya! hahah. Then i actually tried light and i got a B! i was soo happy.

Now im bored. I just found out that they change the grade for anyone who is challenging the math Regents exam to 85! from 70! so i have no idea wut is going to happen. and tonight we have to take my grandmas out to dinner so that should be interesting since i never ever see her and no one likes her. lol

i'll update later <33
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ok well its like 9 in the morning and i should still be sleeping.

My sister comes in my room and ask's why are you home?

just like she did yesterday. i guess she dosen't get it that i have off allll week.

but ne ways now im really bored and cold so i thought i would update.
today i guess marcy is picking me and chelsea up and were all going to pizza hut with everyone thats going in the limo for Winterfest(eventhough im not).Then were all going to come back here n chill and do whatever.

heres my favorite lyrics, from Eurotrip
because you know thats the coollleesst movie ever!

Scotty doesn't know that Fiona and me
Do it in my van every Sunday.
She tells him she's in church but she doesn't go
Still she's on her knees and Scotty doesn't know!

Oh Scotty doesn't know!
So Don't Tell Scotty!
Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty doesn't know!
So Don't Tell Scotty!

Fiona says she's out shopping,
But she's under me and I'm not stopping...

Because Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty doesn't know! (X3)
So don't tell Scooty!
Scotty doesn't know!

I can't believe he's so trusting,
While I'm right behind you thrusting.
Fiona's got him on the phone,
And she's trying not to moan.
It's a three-way call and he knows nothing!

Scotty doesn't know!(X3)
So don't tell Scotty!
Scotty doesn't know!(X3)

We'll put on a show!
Everyone will go!
Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty doesn't know!

Front of a parking lot?
Why not? It's so fun when you're on top!
It's full on in the snow
If it's a hunk(?) because Scotty doesn't know!

We did it on his birthday...

Scotty doesn't know!(X4)

Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty won't know!
Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty's gotta know!
Gotta tell Scotty!
Gotta tell him myself!
Scotty doesn't know! (X10)

[Chant] Scotty doesn't know! (x7)
[Chant] Scotty's gotta go!
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hotshotpaintbal1: kelly that i have long hair and a small 6 pack and shes like o yeah we r def hooking up thi summer
A Frkn Kangaroo: lol
hotshotpaintbal1: im gunna be sexie this summer
hotshotpaintbal1: lol
A Frkn Kangaroo: ohh yeah haha
hotshotpaintbal1: my hair is so long
hotshotpaintbal1: omg
A Frkn Kangaroo: is it?
A Frkn Kangaroo: like how long
hotshotpaintbal1: its like even with the curve @ the bottom of mi ear
A Frkn Kangaroo: damnn
hotshotpaintbal1: thats dry wen i comb it its longer
A Frkn Kangaroo: woww
hotshotpaintbal1: lol
hotshotpaintbal1: its mad fricken "sexy"
hotshotpaintbal1: and with my small 6 pack
hotshotpaintbal1: hell yeah
A Frkn Kangaroo: lol gotta see it ryan!
hotshotpaintbal1: ill be getting all the girlz
hotshotpaintbal1: lol
A Frkn Kangaroo: lol ohh yeah
hotshotpaintbal1: well its small right now im still workin on it
A Frkn Kangaroo: they'll be like whos that to me and i'll be like thats my sexxyy friend ryan
A Frkn Kangaroo: haha
hotshotpaintbal1: ill show u in the summer it will be done buy then
hotshotpaintbal1: lol
A Frkn Kangaroo: lol
hotshotpaintbal1: damn straight
A Frkn Kangaroo: haha
A Frkn Kangaroo: yeah
hotshotpaintbal1: when i make a muscle u can bearly c it
hotshotpaintbal1: so i have 2 work on it
hotshotpaintbal1: but im all most there
hotshotpaintbal1: lol


haha gotta love ryan lmao!

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